Masirah Island Receives Prestigious WHO Recognition as the First Healthy Island: A Milestone in Health and Wellness!

By: Hassan

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Great news! Masirah Island has just received a prestigious International Recognition certificate from the World Health Organization (WHO) as the First Healthy Island in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. The certificate was presented to the Ministry of Health (MOH) in a special ceremony held today, with esteemed guests including H.E. Dr. Hilal Ali Hilal Al-Sabti, Minister of Health, and H.E. Dr. Fatma Mohammed Al-Ajmi, MOH Undersecretary for Administrative, Financial & Planning Affairs, among others.

Abdul Hamid Ali Al-Abri, Deputy Wali of Masirah and Head of Executive Office of Masirah Healthy Island, proudly shared that the Sultanate of Oman now boasts the first healthy island both regionally and globally. Despite facing challenges like the island’s size, population, and dispersed communities, Masirah Island’s achievement serves as a strong motivation to overcome these obstacles and successfully accomplish the project.

Saud Amur Al-Nadhiri, Director General of Health Services of South Al-Sharqiyah, highlighted the significant challenges posed by environmental risks in our daily lives. The adoption of city lifestyles has become an additional threat to our individual health, resulting in changes in our overall well-being. That’s why the Ministry of Health has taken the lead in implementing programs and initiatives based on community and sectoral partnerships, following the WHO’s “community initiates” concept. By involving multiple sectors and society, the ministry aims to address not only communicable diseases but also promote healthier lifestyles in Masirah Island, where the prevalence of diabetes stands at 29%.

Thanks to these efforts, significant progress has been made in promoting health, and Masirah Island stands out as a shining example of a community program aiming to enhance physical, social, and economic aspects that positively impact our well-being.

John Jabbour, WHO Representative to the Sultanate of Oman, expressed his excitement for healthy cities programs. The WHO has developed an action guide outlining the necessary steps to adopt healthy cities, making it accessible for communities worldwide. This includes cooperation with the WHO, community organization and mobilization, activities to improve population health and social status, and promoting health equality. After going through an external evaluation by a WHO team, the recognition certificate is awarded by the WHO regional office.

Masirah Island has successfully completed the evaluation phase, meeting requirements in nine key aspects, including policies, environment, health development, education, community information centers, civil committees and volunteers, emergency preparedness, skills development, occupational training, and small loans.

We congratulate Masirah Island and its dedicated team for this outstanding achievement. Together, we can create healthier communities and make a positive impact on people’s lives.


  • Hassan

    Content Manager at Omanspire. Works as a Scrum Master. Hassan has technical and web design experience.

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