Illusions shuttered by Gazas Genocide: Western Media Professionalism and ethics

By: Mohammad F. Al Obaidly

Bahraini Writer and editor of:

The Western Media and Press industry were biased towards the Zionist narrative and publicly supported it; it is something that has been known to the Arab public for many decades, but what is new revealed by the Israeli aggression on Gaza is that these institutions fell resoundingly in front of their own audiences, when they came under the crosshairs of strong criticism from the American and Western public in general which was shocked by their professional and moral blindness revealed by their completely biased performance towards Israel.

Thanks to social media technologies in cyberspace, millions in Western countries and the world have been able to follow a real war of annihilation waged by Israel against Gaza. The truth has become clear and the Western public appears to have discovered what had been deliberately hidden from them for decades: most of its major media outlets turn a blind eye to all atrocities and massacres against Palestinian civilians and present narratives that justify Israel’s commission of these massacres, for example, the CNN repeated in the Baptist Hospital massacre, that the Israeli army warned the hospital staff more than once to evacuate it. It is a slip that confirms – without the person who said it knowing – that the Israelis were the ones who bombed the hospital.

The Western media institutions have shown a hidden fascist face when they resorted to the legacy of McCarthyism in the face of increasing criticism from Americans and Europeans who began to publicly accuse it of blind bias towards the Zionist narrative, concealing and falsifying facts, and even contributing to spread lies and fabricating incidents in a blatant and unjustifiable manner. What happened that pushed these institutions to this resounding and scandalous progressional downfall?

In addition to the bankruptcy of the logic of occupation, the tremendous scientific progress in media and communication technologies, the spread of artificial intelligence, and a new generation in Western societies and the entire world (Generation Z) have enabled millions across the world to dig up rubble from the history of the Arab-Zionist conflict to reformulate their own narrative away from the Zionist narrative and its lies, which these media institutions have been repeating for more than 75 years. Many have become increasingly challenging the narrative of newspapers and television networks that are biased toward Israel and their deliberate cover-up of a war of extermination that is being watched and followed by millions of Americans, Europeans and the world through alternative media represented by social media, overcoming the bias of these press and television institutions and their bankrupt logic in defending a hateful occupation that stands against all human values.

This alternative media reminds us of the magician who cast his spells and lost control of them. An investigation conducted by the independent American website “the Gray Zone”, revealed the lie of the “severed heads of children”. As for Benjamin Netanyahu’s lie in the pictures he published on his account X claiming that they were “heads of children killed and burned”, the American independent journalist Jackson Hinkle exposed them using artificial intelligence, revealing that they were fake photos of a dog in a veterinary clinic.

The matter did not stop at adopting and promoting lies (in a way that refreshes the memory of the novel of 1984), but rather these press and media institutions began to practice McCarthyism in a blatant manner against any voice that contradicted the lies produced by the propaganda machine of Netanyahu and the Zionists, to the point where justification was no longer possible, and there was no choice left for those who the consciences of its journalists are only submitting their resignations in protest against the blatant and unjustified professionally and ethically biased towards institutions that have long been viewed as an example of high professionalism and objectivity.

Western media institutions’ blind support for Israel and the Zionist narrative, withholding facts, falsifying them, and fabricating lies, pushed them to fall into the mire of McCarthyism and become mere propaganda machines with no value, professionalism or principles. The worst thing about this fall is that it reveals the endless intellectual shallowness of these biased institutions, some of which are famous for careful research and documentation, when they turn into loudspeakers for repeating the accusation of “anti-Semitism”, that is repeated on the lips of broadcasters, talk show presenters, and journalists, as they hurl it against supporters of Palestine. It is a vulgar display of the greatest type of ignorance into which a European and American intellectual can fall, who does not see that a significant sector (if not the majority) of Jews stand against Israel itself and against Zionism; and that moral blindness does not make them able to see the clear difference between Zionism as politically, colonialism, racism movement and Judaism as a religion. What is worse than occupation and mass killing is covering on it and justifying it as the whole world is witnessing


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