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Posted by : Raya Al Maskari

Ammar Al Naaimi is a 28 year old Omani writer based in Muscat. By day, he writes on behalf of an Omani Corporation. In his free time, he writes stories of magic and wonder with a Middle Eastern twist, always trying to ask some questions about the world around us.

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Spirit of Fall

The fall wind swiftly bounced over the peaceful forest. Bringing the fall spirit of life after a long year of waiting. Coldness began to dominate the area as if fall was there to take over. The leaves softly fell to the ground creating mounds of leaves stocked under the trees.

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Books Worth Reading

Posted by : Iman Al Maskari

Oman is rich in culture, history, figures, and nature. There are many available books that can help readers catch up on many of these fields. These books are not only written by Omanis but from foreigners as well who wanted to show the world many aspects of this rich and beautiful country.

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