Habta - Ancient Sultanate’s Legacy

In many of Sultanate’s Wilyats, Habta (open market) has started to organize a display for Eid preparation. From a small village of Wadi Kabir to the iconic structure of Nizwa Fort, Habta is everywhere: under the shade of Date Palm trees, Ghaf or close to iconic architectural Castles o forts providing a platform for a lot of activities. Habta is considered as first joy for Omanis before the celebrations of Eid. Habta activities cover every aspect of Eid preparation as livestock, vegetables, fruits, children toys, and other house hold items. People usually love to travel from one Wilayat to the other to attend Habta and to buy livestocks at auction. A calling is done for selling goats, cows, sheep and camels at auction providing a memorable scenario to enjoy this ancient legacy.
Habta markets start after the Sunrise and continue till 11 AM and sometimes continues after that. The most loving part is an auction starting from Sheep or goat calling and after the auction calling for cows and camels.
Not only Habta provides stuff for Eid preparations, it provides a platform for local farmers/breeders to sell and buy livestock for breeding.
That is how a Habta generally looks in the city of Nizwa

Things to consider before buying Animals

If you are buying sheep or Goats for Eid-Ul-Adha to slaughter, few things you should remember while buying them,

1. The animal should be healthy.

2. The animal should not be:

i. physically disabled.

ii. No broken horns.

iii. No broken teeth.

iv. No ear cuts.

v. Not blind.

3. The animal should be young and mature

i. Cattle should be 2 years old, sheep/goat should be one year old and camel should be 5 years old for sacrifice.


Articles and photos by:

Ahsan Ali 

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