What’s Cooking?

Qalya - Eid’s Specialty

Eid Al Ad’ha is the second of the two Islam festivals. It is a celebration of the pilgrims after their success journey of the Islamic Pilgrimage; Hajj.

This festival is accompanied by some traditions and traditional food. To name some, people around Oman make the famous Shiwa, Qalya and Madhbi. Although these are found all across Oman, yet each home has its own touch to add to the flavor. Moreover, some cook these during the first day of Eid Al Ad’ha while others do it on the second day.

Qalya or Muqallay is a way of frying fresh meat in a big pan using meet fat as oil with traditional spices. These spices are salt, black pepper, turmeric, cumin and cinnamon. It is made on the first day of Eid Al Ad’ha in the morning.

 After the spices are added and the mixture is mixed well, a few fat pieces are put on the pan. They are given some time to melt and become 100% natural cooking oil and then the prepared meet is added in the pan.

The mixture is stirred every few minutes, so the heat is spread equally.

 After around 30 minutes, when the meat is reddened from all sides and it becomes ready to be served.

It is mostly served with Omani bread; rikhal, and lemon. In some towns, people add natural honey as the final touch before it served.
Although it has the same name all around Oman, the cooking method differs a little from a place to another.

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