18 November Precious National Occasion

On 18 November, the Sultanate celebrates the 51st National Day, celebrating the great steps in building a civilized state, as the development has included all the fields, and it has reached different levels, societal, local, and the global level too. In 18 November, we recall these achievements that have been achieved on the internal and external levels to inform our children, our society and the outside world, and explain to them how Oman was and the efforts that were made to reach the current results. Moreover, we celebrate the awareness of the Omani people who are aware of the crises the world is going through, and who affirm their support for the government and the efforts being made to improve the economic situation of the country, armed with the patriotic sense that we are known for as Omanis. From the spirit of cooperation, solidarity and Omani national cohesion, we will stand together as one to overcome this ordeal, which gives us strength and determination to make Oman a significant country, whether internally or abroad. We extract from the celebration of the 18th of November all the positive meanings, remembering the father who loved Oman and loved its soil and sacrificed his youth for it, and spread this positivity to the younger generations and reminds them how Oman was before 1970 and how it has become now and strengthened in their souls the value of loving their country, and that the Sultan Haitham bin Tariq - may God protect him - is the best successor to the best predecessor. It celebrates the role of youth in the development process because they are the nation’s present and future. His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God protect him, stressed at the cabinet meeting held on 12 October 12, the importance of finding mechanisms and channels of communication with them to clarify all efforts made to meet the requirements of the development process in different sectors, and listening to their aspirations and needs, their views and points of view, to help them in fulfilling their desired role In the process of building and comprehensive development of this dear country. Throughout the days of November, celebrations spread throughout the Sultanate of Oman, for the National Day, where the main streets and squares in the governorates and states were covered with Omani flags, and the ancient buildings were decorated with lights representing the colours of the flag of the Sultanate of Oman to shine at night forming a festive view. The roads of the Governorate of Muscat with decorative lamps are inspired by the national atmosphere that Oman is experiencing to celebrate the precious national occasion.

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