Oman Interest In The Environmental Area

Maryam Al Kharusia, a researcher in environmental politics and sustainable development goals, is also a co-author of Global Environment outlook for youth 6, the interest of the Sultanate in the ecological field topic. Maryam mentioned in an interview with Omanspire that "The Sultanate of Oman is one of the first countries in the world that has signed the Vienna Charter in 1985 on its responsibility to maintain human health and environmental quality. Since 1987, the Sultanate has committed to protecting the ozone layer for the current generation and future generations, too, with the efforts of the international community to address the challenges of the efficiency of the ozone layer in making life possible on earth. The Sultanate has joined all subsequent protocols and conventions for implementing the Vienna Convention. From the Montreal Protocol, the beginning of the procedures and plans followed at the global, regional, and local levels."

Since entering into force, the Sultanate has also committed to all amendments to this Protocol. Furthermore, the Sultanate is dedicated to the schedule of the final disposal of specific substances in the last adjustment of the Protocol, by Kigali, by 2030 in developed and 2040 countries in developing countries.

It is worth mentioning that the Sultanate is one of the first countries to issue the Environmental Protection Act in the region. Article 12 of the Statute of the State awarded constitutional protection for the environment as a human right on the State's compliance. Accordingly, many decisions and regulations were issued along with local laws and international conventions. Furthermore, the Sultanate participates annually in celebrating the anniversary of the Montreal Protocol marks 16 September. Every year, the world celebrates achievements in protecting the ozone layer and reducing climate effects with new objectives promoting work mission as the main objective of the Vienna and Montreal Convention. By reducing the number of substances that are believed to be responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer and returned in their natural condition according to 1980 standards.

One of the most important efforts of the Sultanate in this area: Cooling and Air Conditioning Licensing System, Customs Statement System in Streamline Ozone Protection Licensing Procedures, Transforming Cooling Systems and Air Conditioning to Alternative Materials, Control of the Import of Ozone Depleting Materials, implementing several projects and studies in cooperation with some international environmental organizations, for instance, the final disposal plan of chlorine, fluorocarbonate.

As the ODS has also been established, and its organizational level has been raised to a section for the protection of the ozone layer since 2008. As well as modernizing the management of ozone-depleting substances issued by Ministerial Decision No. 107/2013 with the "Ozone Layer Protection Regulation" on 11/11 / In addition to implementing much awareness and educational programs and events for the importance of protecting the ozone layer. On the other hand, the Sultanate succeeded in making use of national capacity-building and training projects, as well as studies, projects, technical support, and provision of equipment that promotes alternative techniques, with financial and technical support from the Multilateral Fund for Montreal Protocol

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