The individual’s mental health

Mental health affects daily life, social relationships, as well as the physical health of individuals. On the other hand, daily stress, personal connections, and physical health contribute to affecting mental health. Promoting mental health helps balance daily activities, responsibilities, and efforts to achieve goals. It enables people to enjoy their lives and practice their exercises naturally to realize their capabilities, work productively, and provide service to their community. There are several ways to manage mental health problems, and the choice of the appropriate method depends on the person; there are ways that may be effective in helping. However, some people may fail to help others, and a person may need medical advice to help identify needs and the appropriate method for mental health promotion. Ways for promoting mental health include getting enough hours of sleep and getting a balanced diet and having time away from work stress to solve personal problems that affect mental health. Follow relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and mindfulness. Get emotional support from close people such as friends and family. Self-help, self-support, and changing thought patterns. Good mental health does not mean that a person does not suffer from any mental moods, and this means that they usually live and do their work. Still, according to the standards of the World Health Organization, there are several manifestations of mental health. A person must feel love, joy, compassion, and comfort in general, and it is essential for a person to feel that they belong to the community and contributes to it. The person is also flexible in dealing with surrounding circumstances and can face challenges. Moreover, the person can rely on his inner strength and on the supportive people around him to build his abilities to withstand and face problems, and he can also acquire flexibility skills to manage stress better.

Article by:
Attifa Al Maskari

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