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Exotic Peak from Oman

Oman makes it very difficult for us not to fall in love with its beautiful landscape and its exquisite Rocky Mountains, which constitutes a very large percentage of Oman’s environment. The sultanate is home to the largest peak in the Arabian Peninsula and the second largest Grand Canyon on Earth.

One of the highest peaks in Oman is Jebel Samhan, located on the eastern side of Salalah in the governorate of Dhofar, the largest of the 11 governorates in the Sultanate of Oman. Jebel Samhan is known to be one of the most important mountain ranges, with a maximum height of 2,100 meters, it is truly a great attraction for tourists all around the world. The view above the clouds is truly incredible, and driving through the mountains is an exceptional experience.

As of currently, Jebel Samhan has no permanent population in the reserve, however, Wild Arabian leopards can be spotted in some regions of the reserve. In addition, Jebel Samhan is well known for its twisted frankincense trees and flowing streams, particularly during Khareef season that is between July and September of each year.

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