Benefits of consuming Frankincense

In particular (locally known as Luban), Omani Frankincense is legendary and primarily regarded as the world's finest Frankincense. Dhofar is the historical source of Frankincense, which famously traveled down the Silk Routes centuries ago to be exchanged in marketplaces as far away as China and the western Mediterranean. Frankincense is not only a spiritual and luxurious scent, but it is also a natural cure for a variety of diseases.

1- Frankincense is used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression since it is thought to improve mood and mental well-being organically. Its neuro-active components enhance oxygen delivery to the brain's pineal and pituitary glands, harmonizing hormones and lowering stress and anxiety.

2- According to studies, the Boswellic Acid in Frankincense can suppress the release of leukotrienes, which are inflammatory substances in the body. As a result, Frankincense has been used to treat arthritis symptoms, lower pain, and increase mobility over time. In addition, its anti-inflammatory effects are thought to benefit intestinal health, making Frankincense a natural Crohn's Disease treatment.

3- Frankincense has been demonstrated to boost skin cell regeneration, decrease scars and blemishes, and avoid premature aging in studies. It's thought to tighten, tone, lift the skin, and enhance and improve its suppleness.

4- According to studies, the antibacterial properties of Frankincense's Boswellic acid can help prevent and treat oral infections. It can also aid in the prevention of bad breath, toothaches, cavities, and oral ulcers.

5- for decades, traditional medicine has utilized Frankincense as a natural therapy for asthma and bronchitis. Modern research backs up its effectiveness in these situations, demonstrating that components in Frankincense inhibit the synthesis of leukotriene, which causes bronchioles to contract.

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