The Ruling Passion of My Life

"Art is the ruling passion of my life; it's a particularly unique way of portraying the world and recreating a new reality. In a way, it is a constant attempt to find relationships between memories, imagination, and physical reality."

Kawthar Al Harthi is a visual artist on collage and mixed media and is currently working as an Art teacher. Kawthar graduated from Sultan Qaboos University with a bachelor's degree in Art Education, "Poetry inspired me to begin my journey in Art; it is my primary source of inspiration. Then comes papers like old letters, old notebooks, diaries, sketches, library cards, etc. I have always noticed something exciting and new behind these kinds of material, something related to humans and time. I also get inspiration from nature, photographs, paintings, films. I have an extensive collection that contains a massive number of copies of poems, photos, film shoots, and paintings. I always look through them before starting new work."

Kawthar found her style in Art in 2018 when she was working on an art project which contained old library cards on two big canvases. "I enjoyed collecting the cards from the main library in university; I found beauty in the cards' details (date stamps in the cards and the signatures of so many students from 1986 to 1996). The variety of the signatures and the ink colors made a beautiful image on the canvases." This project was her first step into the world of collage art, and since then, she became more interested in created more artworks involving collage.

Kawthar's artworks are her unique way of viewing and portraying the world around her; they are disturbed and incomplete; "I am trying to find a visual way to reflect it on papers. Sometimes it's tidy and clean, and sometimes it's not."

Kawthar's art indirectly influenced by Omani symbols, which unconsciously appear in her artwork; the symbols appear as part of her memory and identity. "For example, in my work "what father left," I collected many papers that my father left like, his diaries, notebooks, letters, old Omani manuscripts from his library. I took photos of things he left, such as his old house, farm, dead tree, door, and MASER that he used to wear. This work includes a collection of real-life Omani symbols that reflect my childhood memory with my father."

Kawthar participated in most of the university's collective art exhibitions from 2014 to 2019. she also participated in the Annual Youth Exhibition (2017,2018) in the Omani Society of Fine Arts.

In 2019 kawthar traveled to Vienna to participate in the Omani art exhibition powered by the Omani embassy. Lately, she displays her artworks in a group exhibition at Matti Sirvio's art gallery in Muscat.

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