The Power of Blank Canvas

Abstract Art is a form of art that does not attempt to personify an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect.– Tate.

“My artwork reflects my freedom. Sometimes it reflects my emotions. Sometimes it’s just made for visual pleasure.” Al Ghalya Mohammed Al Mahruqi is a passionate and ambitious 23-year-old abstract artist. She is passionate about producing unique, affordable art in its different forms and increasing awareness of the abstract world. Al Ghalya’s inspirations come from within; “At a specific time in my life, I realized that art was the only way I could express my feelings. Since then, I also realized how powerful a set of blank canvas, paint, and brushes takes me to a whole new world where I feel I am myself, alone and free.”

 Al Ghalya studied at The Sultan’s School from KG until she graduated. The school cared about the arts in general (visual art, music, drama). “I took visual art through IGCSE and IB Diploma (as a higher level subject), and throughout those years, I was exposed to a variety of mediums and supported by my teachers’ guidance to bring out the best of my skills.” In 2015, Al-Ghalya and her classmates exhibited their creative artworks at Bait AlZubair’ Visual Voices’. In 2018, She exhibited her digital artwork at Galiya Museum in Mutrah.

Al Ghalya’s journey began after working on the final IB project that evolved around Oman’s cultural heritage, “I looked into how the balance of modernization and culture is important. But ever since that time, I did not look back at culture, traditions, or history.”

Today, Al Ghalya does not look at those factors to influence her artwork. The type of abstract artwork she produces is not entirely accepted in our community in Oman. Despite that, She is willing to continue creating what she likes. She works towards promoting her artworks more and more “until people start respecting, appreciating, and understanding what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. Keep an open mind. In some aspects of life, there is no right or wrong and before you judge, make sure you understand.”

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