ِِArchitecture of Art

What comes first Art or Architecture? Is architecture part of art? Or art is part of architecture?

It’s known that architecture can be a form of art through the harmony of several aspects including the geometrical tunefulness, and the unity of elements, that aims to be functional and improves the quality of life. But what about art? Art is an expression, the first step towards inspiration; it can also be a result of inspiration from one’s surroundings, daily exposures, a specific passion or a cultural influence.

But what happens when all these factors are combined together in a form of passionate expression?  

Salim Al Salami, a young artist who was inspired by the traditional Omani architecture, such as forts, castles, old neighborhoods and towns, as well as the little architectural details on these traditional masterpieces have trigged his sense of aesthetic and motivated him to express this passion through his paintings.
His paintings consists of unique blend of colors that varies between harmonious monochromic schemes to daring combination of bold colors, the orchestral presence of the past and the present, traditional geometrical shapes and architecture along with the sense of movement of elements and time frames.
Salim is an active member at the Omani society of fine arts he is also a member at the international watercolor society He has earned several local and international awards in Gloucester's Wildlife exhibition UK 2013, Omani life Exhibition in Tokyo -Japan 2014, Sharia's communities exhibition in UAE 2014 Amman's watercolor exhibition in Jordan 2017 and the Omani cultural week in Sfax- Tunisia 2016. 

"I would like to express and highlight the work that was built and documented 

the Omani civilization throughout the years, in order to deliver the beauty and present the unique timeless traditional aesthetics to viewers.”

The young artist believes that there's nothing that can deliver the beauty of the cultures like art does, and with the presence of today’s technology, this can be achieved easily by manifesting in it. 

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