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Success for One is Success for All

Hazar Al Zadjali, An Omani intrapreneur running a local boutique that is recently opened at The Wave known as Boutique Muscat.

Boutique Muscat started as the first e-commerce business in Oman in 2008, offering women a selection of upcoming trendy reachable local and international brands. In 2010, Hazar opened up a platform for upcoming entrepreneurs to learn everything about retail, selling, marketing, branding and growing through Boutique Muscat, called TAL (Take a Leap).

Ever since, TAL managed to help 6 women to open up their own stores, and inspired 10 other women to jumpstart their careers. Today, TAL is still supporting other 12 women to grow.

“I know the struggle to open a start-up business, the difficulties, challenges and risks that come with it, therefore, we initiated TAL to support each other to grow, and briefly educate participants about retail, to avoid trails and errors. As a result, they grow under the umbrella of BM and in the future independently.”

Hazar is a great example of women supporting each other in the society, moreover, she believes that her success is a result of the success of those around her.

“For me, one key lesson I would share is that everyone makes mistakes, especially in business- to succeed you should stay positive and try to understand the lesson you were supposed to learn from that mistake”

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