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"In today's world, the most challenging about our culture is not more knowledge, but more highly creative people." - Farideh Zariv (Iranian/Australian Artist)

"In high school, I noticed those who loved art struggled, including myself; art was not taken seriously by the community. I doubled majored in fine arts, visual communications, and marketing abroad." Sarah Ahmed Farid Al-Aulaqi - director and founder of “cure8 art gallery; moved back to Oman three years ago and decided to turn her attention to her passion for art; she started working alongside StalGallery, a contemporary art gallery. "But still Oman needs more artistic platforms and spaces. So I took a step and set up Cure8 Art villa with Music and film production; it was a space that local and foreigners could visit, collaborate and feed off each other’s' creativity and ideas which is crucial in terms of creativity."

Three years down the line, Cure8art gallery contributed in terms of creating a platform for artists to join, collaborate and create the perfect environment for artists and the youth to thrive. They hosted many exhibitions and projects, including a film premiere and where art meets fashion, a three-day event showing the craftsmanship talents in Oman.

Taking it to the next level, Sarah A. F. Al-Aulaqi, along with Farideh Zariv turned this platform into an art gallery, opening its doors for personal and group exhibitions, the opportunity for artists to exhibit and attend international festivals. It also has programs for advanced-level art classes and workshops. This platform and gallery aims to identify, introduce, and present talented young artists in Oman locally and internationally. It also aspires to improve the level of knowledge in contemporary art techniques to Omani society, especially the young generation. Cure8 Art has a crucial and unique goal for introducing and preserving the heritage, culture, and history of Oman to the world community through the language of art, also creating employment and financial income for the young generation of Omani artists.

Now cure8 Art Gallery is located in Grand Hyatt Hotel, a strategic location to showcase high-level art from both local and international artists inspired by nature, culture, and Oman's history to the whole world. "Our task as a gallery is three important things; firstly, is to raise the cultural level and create artistic vision. Secondly, it presents magnificent and amazing art, raising people's artistic knowledge, acquaintances with professional artists in Oman and artists worldwide, and participating in world art movements like art fairs, art expo, art biennale, and art auctions. Third, training classes to develop creative imagination and art skills."-Farideh Zariv, curator of "Cure8 art Gallery "and director of "Amin art Gallery. "

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