What do you know about Shabanya ?

Shabanya is an annual custom that children celebrate so what do you know about it? It is an inherited annual custom which is celebrated in the fourteenth of Shaban in each Hijri year in the state of Sur, in South Sharqiya. It is a habit that has been passed down through generations since ancient times, and the people in the state of Sur have preserved its form as a social event where relatives, neighbors and the sick people are visited. Families prepare for it annually by buying gifts for children and spending money for children who consider the occasion a day of joy and pleasure.

On “Shabaniyah” day, families prepare clothes for boys and girls, decorate the hands and feet of girls with henna. The houses are prepared to receive children who pass by the houses of parents, relatives and neighbors since early morning, wearing the finest clothes. The interest of the people in Sur in this beautiful custom is due to religious, social and economic reasons and benefits. Through the years and the development of many societies, the methods of celebrating the “Shabaniyya” Day developed in the state of Sur, as civil society institutions, entities and companies shared their joy with the people.

Moreover, the Omani Women Association in Sur shares with the people of the state their joy of “Shabania” in the spirit of preserving the authentic Omani customs, traditions and legacies, as they annually adopt this event and celebrate it. Families are preparing to celebrate by preparing clothes, especially "Suri clothes" for boys and girls. It is worth noting that the “Shabaniyya Day” is similar to the Day of “Qarangushu” which is celebrated by most of the states in the Sultanate in the middle of the blessed month of Ramadan, and it is called “Gergean” in most of the Arab Gulf states, and this reflects the depth of the common history between the GCC countries and their interdependence.

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