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Photography as a profession while waiting for the job

An IT Graduate who decided to take on photography as a profession.

Muneera Al Harthi, an IT database graduate from University of Technology and Applied Science decided to take on photography as a profession. “Due to lack of jobs, I decided to develop my photography skills and techniques, taking all take the required steps to turn it into a successful profession, making money out of it. It all started with a small digital camera. As the days passed I bought a professional DSLR camera and begun the profession journey and made a small home studio with a specified background. My photos covers all the occasions except family gatherings and weddings.

By the time I started gaining more experience, I always hoped to add videos alongside the photos, so I began exploring both, and my aim was to be a successful business-woman who is trusted, and well known in the sector, this only took me hard work, dedication and planning. 

I would love to inspire the youth to follow the path I decided to take; it only takes a first step towards achieving your dreams. There is no harm in planning then starting any sort of activity you enjoy doing it, in order to gain experience, new perspectives, communication and good income. Instead of complaining, take risks instead and always believe in yourself. If you fail once or twice, it doesn’t mean it is the end! you must work harder until you reach to the top of what you want.

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