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My Experience in Oman

My name is Manasa. I am an Architect and a self-taught Mandala artist. I moved with my daughter to Muscat in Oct 2015. Earlier to this, I used to visit my husband as I was working back in Bangalore, India.

I remember my first day in Muscat; my husband drove me from Muscat international airport to Azaiba through the beach road. The drive throughout the stretch on one side of the street was the Arabian ocean. Ahh!! The memories are still so fresh. I can't get over the feel. I feel the city is designed in between the magnificent Al Hajar Mountains and the Arabian Sea. (As we drove, on one side of my view was the Arabian ocean and the other side was Al Hajar Mountains).

As for the first exploration, my husband took me to Wadi Shab. The place is so dreamy and unimaginable. From that day onwards, there is no turning back. We have been exploring a lot of mountains together. Oman is blessed with so much natural beauty and I am very happy to call this my second home. Every time I hike a new spot that would be top the list of my most favorite spot. Until now I haven't figured out which is my most favorite. I can't choose one favorite in particular. Every trek is unique and exciting. I have just fallen in love with the mountains.

 I had no idea about Oman until my husband moved here. I started blogging about the places I have explored from June 2019, as I wanted to relish the memories.

Oman is always described as the Jewel of Arabia with its stunning variety of landscapes alongside dazzling turquoise pools, beautiful Rocky Mountains, stargazing at night, desert delight and not to forget its most colorful traditional Arab heritage. Oman is a beautiful experience not to be missed.

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