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List of Dhofar’s Tourist Attractions

There’s always an escape during the hot summer season, the southern area of Oman is one of them, precisely Dhofar Governorate. Here are tourist attractions in Dhofar Region. You can reach every place through the interactive map guide.


1- Hamran Spring, location 

2- Sahalnoot Spring, location 

3- Athom Spring, location 

4- Razat Spring, location 

5- Jarziz Spring, location 

6- Koor Spring, location

7- Tabraq Spring, location

8- Ayshat Spring, location 

9- Gharziz Spring, location 

Wadis, mountains and beaches

1- Wadi Raythoot, location

2- Wadi Shaaboon, location 

3- Wadi Nahaiz, location 

4- Wadi Derbat, location 

5- Ateen Mountain, location 

6- Shyheet Mountain, location 

7- Gogab Mountain, location

8- Al Haffah Beach, location

9- Al Houtah Beach, location 

10- Al Maghseel Beach location 

11- Aftalqoot Beach, location

12- Dhalkoot, location

13- Ras Sajir Mountain, location 

14- Qairoon Hairti, location 

15- Astaah, location

16- Aateer Welllocation 

17- Rakhyoot, location 

 Archaeological Places, Bazars and Tombs

1- Prophet Omran Tomb, location 

2- Prophet Ayoob Tomb, location

3- Sheir, location

4- Al Baleed Ancient Settlement, location 

5- Samahram Port and Khour Roori, location

6- Land of Frankincense Museum, location

7- Souq Al Haffah ( Al Haffah Market), location

 Source:  Oman Voice
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