Samuhram Old City - Salalah

Sumhuram is a historic port located in the state of Taqah, 8 km away from its center and 43 km away, located in the eastern direction of the state of Salalah, near the beach of Khor Rori. It is a waterway that represents a beautiful natural painting, and it contains a castle for the ancient city of Musha and Saklin town, which confirms its effects, some of whose walls date back to before 200 BC, and it is the most important part of the Kingdom of Hadramout. It was a port known for exporting frankincense to the East and the West, and a link between the three continents of the ancient world.

The establishment of the port led to a historical development, as the civilizations, Greeks, and Romans had been searching for a long time through a maritime trade route between the East and the Mediterranean Sea to impose their control over it, although the Fertiites in Persia (from 140 BC to 225 AD) used to control the silk trade route. It is the important land road that passes from China through Persia, then Palmyra, and the Mediterranean Sea. The people of southern Arabia, Greece, and the Romans have succeeded in using this road to the Red Sea.

During this period of transformation, the city of Sumhuram was established, and the boats that lead it may sail at the same time to other ports, such as the port of Barigaza near the mouth of the Indus River, but through indirect, that is, across the Indian Ocean and then the coast of southern India because the ocean boats that were sailing to India did not It had been traveling until that time the southern coast of Arabia to reach Sumhuram before crossing the Indian Ocean to India.


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