A conversation with the artist Raheel Youssef

Makeup is usually used for daily looks, but the young Omani artist Raheel Youssef had another artistic outlook by using illusion makeup to express her thoughts. Illusion makeup is about creating three dimensions on a flat surface by using paint and applying shadows to the face or other body parts. In a conversation with Omanspire she mentioned that her first experience in this field was in July last year, and she was more encouraged to practice it more when her works were admired by everyone.

As for Omanspire’s question about the best piece of work she mentioned that “ the closest work to my heart is "Make-up of drawers" because I came up with it from one of the biggest artists in this field”. Regarding the public acceptance for this type of art, she mentioned that all the comments that she receives so far are positive, supportive, and encouraging. However, there is no escape from the negative and frustrating comments too, since that not everyone can understand art. In her explanation in one of her works, The Cage, she mentioned that "this look represents what people have gone through and others are still going through, our truth is trapped inside us and in the person whom we appear and show to people "

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