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Oman has extensive coastlines and pure water with many excellent sites for practicing diving. The most important of these sites are: Al-Fahl Island, the Daimaniyat Islands, the Cemetery Bay (Old Muscat) and Al-Jissah Beach. Diving sites with a depth of 6-40 meters provide ideal conditions for diving, with a minimum visibility of 20-30 meters. Divers can enjoy the diversity and richness of the Omani marine environment, from beautiful coral reefs, colorful fish swarms, turtles and rare shark species in some locations, to the exploration of caves, tunnels, dark rifts or sunken shipwrecks.  

Dolphins can be seen on the way to some of the sites, delighting and jumping on their sled. On the other hand, the waters of Oman provide good opportunities for night diving because of the composition of phosphorus compounds. 

As a contribution to the tourism movement in the Sultanate, in April 2003, the Royal Navy of Oman sank the 86-meter-long Manasir military vessel south of Ras al-Khiran in Muscat to provide an environment conducive to the formation of coral reefs that now lie at a depth of 28 meters, The marine life in this area flourished significantly and became a tourist destination for many visitors of the Sultanate, you can find a video attached with some of the views of the ship. 

Hotels and dive centers can organize professional tours for both professionals and enthusiasts, providing advice and all equipment, and taking divers to several places in one trip.

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