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The top of Hatt mount

Scenes from the top of Hatt mount 

Where mountains touched by clouds and embraced by the cold breeze🌬️. 

Mount Hat and nearby mountains are a mountain range that separates South Batina and the province of Al Dakhiliyah. 

The road to the summit is rugged and steep. It can also be dangerous, starting the road from Wadi Bani Auf located in the Rustak region, passing through Haat and Balad Sayt along with some other villages to connect down to al-Hamra province in the interior governorate. 

In the middle of “Birkat Al Sharaf ” , the scene on top will dazzle you with the beauty of the breathtaking view that enriches your soul with peaceful sensation, away from the noise of the cities. 

Birkat Al Sharaf can be easily reached from al-Hamra state as the roads are paved. 

 The summit is a beautiful place to camp. 

🚨 We share these photos to give you a virtual experience of Oman’s beauty, Due to the Covid19 pandemic and the supreme committee orders, beaches, public parks are closed until further notice , camping and gatherings are prohibited.

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