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The City Mountains and Sea Guard

In the northern part of Oman among great mountains and a generous sea the bride of the north spreads its hands widely welcoming those who hunt for the enchantment of nature.

Khasab is a port city in Musandam peninsula that is 570 KMs away from Muscat. It can be reached through 3 ways; ferries from Shinas Port, road through Ras Al Khaima in UAE, and airplanes from Muscat International Airport.  

Khasab is not a modern city, it has its interesting history and culture. There are many structures that speak loudly of its old history including castles and towers. It can be also found in many scripts throughout history.

This charming city is known for majestic geographical details, from grand mountains to alluring estuaries and generous sea. All these variants made it possible for Khasab to know multiple crafts including fishing, farming, livestock raising, traditional medicine, and several folklores.  

Although it is a simple city, visiting Khasab and wandering around is a true adventure especially for natural beauty lovers.


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