Inspired by People’s Experience

People’s experience can be a rich source of inspiration. Stories from which one retraces the paths they took throughout their lives and what led them to reach where they are today, Whether its success or failure both informs us the possible outcomes of our choices in life.

The more one is exposed to learning from other experiences the more it molds our belief system. That can be expressed through behaviors, customs, and our passion towards things; it can also be expressed by literature and arts, the richer the culture is the deeper is the inspiration.

Being from a country that’s known for its, historical, geographical, cultural and environmental diversity, Oman is a hub for genuinely emerged talents.

An example for that is, the Omani aspiring animator and digital art hobbyist, who creates art that resembles her beliefs, interests, and cultural background blended with international influence.

“Through my art I strive to introduce my country as well as the Middle Eastern culture through different colors and patterns. I tend to focus on issues and topics that are personal to me and that I truly admire or stand for.” Said the young Artist Ibaa Ahmed AL Rawahi

Her inspiration is derived from the people around her, and the ones she meet everyday, different stories widen the horizons of ones knowledge. Expressing that in artwork doesn’t only benefit her experiences but it also a coping mechanism for a previous school student and a current university student like her.

Ibaa received the 3rd place from five artworks out of the top five winners of the Ooreedo’s art competition (shababiyah) In August of 2017,

” …it was a very beautiful experience, and I got to meet other talented artists and it was an opportunity to discuss ideas and share our goals, which was just amazing.”

She has been drawing and creating art since a very young age, thanks to her parents continuous guide and support, that enriched her determination to continue the growth of her talent, she has experimented different mediums and still experimenting in order to enhance her techniques, in the past five years she started working on her digital art, which she really found herself in

“ I started off using free softwares using only a mouse, I’ve self taught myself through watching YouTube videos and reading articles, and when I got into the savannah college of art and design in September of last year I’ve learnt many more skills that improved both my digital and traditional art. I still believe that I’m a beginner at my field and that there are so many things to still learn and explore.”

Ibaa is still studying animation in college; she would really want to be able to bring an Omani/ Middle Eastern content to the animation industry, 
“ Talking about Oman only, we have many amazing historical figures and numerous stories to tell to the world, and I’m really aiming that through my major I’ll be able to raise my country’s name through the stories and the animation that I will create.”

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