Al Rawdha Fort

Al Rawda Fort is an ancient Islamic fort located in Wilayat Al Mudhaibi in the Sharqiya Governorate. The fort was built during the reign of Imam Sultan bin Saif bin Malik Al Yarubi in the seventeenth century. The name of this castle goes back to the town where it is located, Al Rawda village, one of the most beautiful villages in wilayat Al-Mudhaibi, where the trees, its cool weather during the summer makes it a notable location. Al Rawda is located to the northern part of Samad Al-Shahan and is affiliated with it administratively.

Its fresh flowing trees and falajs, is a natural site that attracts tourist. The visitor will live in this village the spirit of history, as it still preserves its old magnificence. Although the buildings are old but they are still sturdy . Among the monuments in Al-Mudhaibi (Al-Khubayb Fort) in Samad Al-Shahan, which is located on a mountain slope on the eastern part, and (Hizam Fort), which is located in the northern part of Samad Al-Shan, This is in addition to other historical monuments such as (Al-Akhdar Castle) located in the town of Al-Akhdar. Besides Al Rawda Castle, where Al Rawda looks more beautiful and more picturesque than on the roof of this fort.


Photo credits:  al.habsi_9

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