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Misfat al Abriyeen

A fun way to spend the weekend is to visit Misfat al Abriyeen; it is a a remarkable mountainous village located 1,000 m above sea level on the mountain foothill surrounding wilayat Al Hamra in Al Dhakhilia Governorate.

The village derives its name from the Al Abri Tride. Over the years the place has become an attractive tourist destination that makes it a wonderful experience for any visitor. Be ready to drive up and leave your car on the side; as it is mostly enjoyed through walking and exploring the area. The village is composed of breathtaking alleys, old houses that have been built on top of solid rocks and Faljas. The old houses in Misfit Al Abriyeen are traditionally built mud houses with palm frond roofs and they are built on solid rock foundations providing security in the olden times.

The terraces along the mountain slopes are watered through an elaborate falaj system that has been cut through hard rocks of the mountain and it is supplied from a spring source that can be reached by following the tracks of the falaj.

 Make sure to wear the right kind of shoes to be able to explore the tracks on the opposite side of the village that leads to steep stairwells downhill through more gardens and plantations. The tracks are marked with the famous red, green and yellow flag which marks Oman’s hiking tracks and you should really stick to the marks so you don’t venture off to private properties. The walk can be tiring so also make sure to carry a bottle of water.


How to get there:

Misfat Al Abriyeen is approcimately 6 kms from Al Hamra through a zigzagged uphill road, paved all the way to the entrance of the village. Al Hamra is approximately 200 km from Muscat, it can be reached by following the main highway connecting Muscat to Al Dakhiliyah and heading through Bahla to Al Hamra or by taking the side road through Tanuf before Nizwa’s exit.

Rogan Coffee shop

For coffee lovers, Rogan Coffee shop is a contemporary coffee shop, combining elements of the past and the present. Locals who are welcoming and helpful run, on the weekend the coffee shop is busy. However, on weekdays you might find the perfect spot with a view to sit and sip your coffee. Rogan is located in a renovated old house, the view and location is breath taking. The coffee shop serves freshly made Kunafa and spring rolls.


Places to stay: For those looking to spend a night in this amazing village, Misfat Old house is a bed and breakfast located in the middle of the village, it also provides traditional lodging and serves local cuisines cooked by local families.


Reference  Oman tripper
Photo Credits: Mariam Al Maskari 

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