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The Multi-Talented Halima

Through social media, we meet new and different kinds of talented people. A multi-talented individual we knew through social media is Halima Al Abdulsalam. She is an ambitious person who loves adventures and exploring all aspects of life. Halima is a lifestyle blogger, an entrepreneur and a part-time FM and Magazine editor.

Every person is moved by a motivation and as for Halima, she is motivated by: “The love of sharing knowledge with others and seeing how happy they are in receiving it, and how it benefits them. I've been sharing general knowledge with my peers even before social media became a hype.”

Halima has established the first Social Media Influencers Agency in Oman, which manages some of the best influencers in Muscat. This is not the only achievement for this multi-talented person. She won Al Mar'a Excellence Award in Social Media in 2015 and Al Mar'a Excellence Award in SME in 2017. In addition to her achievements, she has participated in different events that range from charity to woman empowerment such as Tedex Woman.

When it comes to Halima, unlike many others, she considers herself an open book in Social Media. In other words, the person she is on social media is the exact same person in real life. “A lady who loves life & who wants to enjoy it in every possible way.”

When we asked Halima about her message to the world on how to use Social Media effectively, she simply said: “Use Social Media in a useful creative way & try sharing positivity as much as you can. With a click of a button, you can create a smile on someone's face. Your page is what represents you, make sure it's clean & tidy.”

Let’s all take this advice and make our pages inspiring.

For more.. You can visit her social media accounts: Instagram Twitter Snapchat
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