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Fun tips on how to spend the winter in Oman

Winter in the Sultanate is the season everyone waits for; it's not that cold. Especially in Muscat, the lowest during the night could be about 15 Degrees. In contrast, other areas in Oman can go as low as 3 degrees and lower.

However, locals find it the best season to explore the countries nature sceneries, even though this winter is different

due to the effects of Covid-19, outdoor activities are still legal as long as everyone takes safety regulations and precautions to protect one another from the virus.

The great change that made the country evolve was focusing on local tourism. Almost all hotels, tourism companies,

and adventure groups proved in creative ways that there is so much to do within the country. There was no necessity in traveling, which is a great aspect to add to the countries economy.Therefore, people slowly leaned into the idea of depending on local entertainment options, as a result, tourist attractions weren’t only promoted to target locals-only, better yet, and it is probably listed the Sultanate of Oman on the must-visit list of so many people worldwide.If you have no idea what to do this winter, here some tips on how to enjoy winter in the country:

1. Privet camping trips: You don’t always need a tourism company to go camping, really depends on where

you are going. As long as you have all the information you need about the destination, you should be able

to provide all the camping equipments, a 4X4, and a bunch of family and friends and you are good to go.

You may find most of the basic camping equipment in Sultan Centre – Alqurom Branch upstairs. On the other hand,

some local stores have comprehensive and advanced equipment for adventure lovers. You can find their pages on






1. Check for tourism attraction offers: Most hotels during this season have offers for night stays or for outdoor

brunch, which seems like an appropriate way to enjoy the weather and a glamorous staycation.

1. Wadi adventures and hikes: This has been the trending sport of the season. Below is a list of adventure

groups that arrange a one-day trip to different parts of Oman, some of these trips include kayaking,

parasailing, caves adventures and so much more. They normally list a schedule a month ahead, and they

provide all the information you need such as, level of difficulty, KM expected to walk, and prices. The

company provides all the safety gear and lunch or snacks, you just need to show up.





1. Even though most people think winter is not a great time to hit the waters. We believe it's always a good

time to hit the waters in Oman. Even though it's cold, winter seems like the best time to go for water activities. Other than jet skiing and snorkeling, Diving seems appropriate as well. During this season, you

may enjoy boat cruises too, if you’re lucky you might see dolphins and turtles. Between May- October you can find whale sharks too. omantascuba or www.omantascuba.com

1. Sand dunes Bash: dunes fill the Sultanate; the closest ones in Muscat are the ones located at al Bousher.

During this time, you will find local quad bike companies line up to rent their bikes for a sand bash experience, although most locals prefer to use their vehicle, however it's not advisable if you have no

experience driving on soft sand. Similarly, you can enjoy the desert experience in Rimal Al Sharqiya,

Bidiya region called the Wahiba Sands. Luckily the area has a couple of desert night camps offering a variety of options if you wish to stay at a camp, or you can enjoy your personal camping experience as

well. You may find some of those existing camps interesting



1. Also, follow muscatnightscom on Instagram for festive indoor/outdoor enjoyable moments this season.

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