Be Different and Everyone Will Recognize You

Creativity is a limitless world of unexpected ideas, surfing around the - outside of the box- horizons, it comes in different forms such as music, paintings, sketches, installation designs and many more. Creativity can be a profession or a way to clear one's mind, it can also be a result of a highly active brain that seeks for a medium from which it invests in its activity. 

Do you have to work as an artist or a designer to be creative?

A critical care nurse at the Royal Hospital does her creative magic and freelancing during her free time, in a quite untraditional form of art, that contains a harmony of overlapped objects and delicate details with strikingly bold colors that reflects a certain thought or idea, taking doodle art to the next level which is an art form that’s usually known for its thoughtless scribbles, Ameera Al Musalami managed to turn it into an art form that’s widely appreciated.

I always look for challenges in art, and how can I make it complex, and more different, I found all of that in doodle art.” 

  Not only Ameera’s creativity was recognized locally but it was also recognized across the borders, she has been featured in Khaleejsique Magazine that is based in Kuwait, in May 2017 conducted her first workshop in Germany, Ameera exhibited her work for the first time in December 2017, she also organized and worked on numerous commissions for major companies around Oman and the Gulf.  

Her art is an accumulation of passion combined with years of hard work and practice which made her to gain experiences and to invest it in her creativity, it’s growing as the time passes and taking a path of its own, without a signature it's easy to recognize her unique work because of its originality with hints of mysteriousness.

I would want them to know that Art is not easy to take with you along the years, and I always make art because simply I love doing it. It’s okay to be different and it is okay not to be understood.”

Photo credits: Amira Al Musalami

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