“Black Berry massenger” was the starting point

Inspiration comes from unlikely places, with the abundanceof communication and information platforms that can be one of the greatest sourcesto generate thoughts and ideas.

As for the creative 21 year old Shahad Mohammed HashilAlryiami, whose currently a Computer engineering student in Higher College of Technology, her inspiration story started from “memes” as well as - display pictures- that were used back from Black Berry Messenger days, she’s known for her colorful joyous artwork and hand crafted bookmarks created with different mediums, she had a passion for simple doodles, cartoons and illustrations.

“I first started drawing my friend’sas cartoon characters, and things thatrepresents them,I then evolved to create illustrations of myself “ said Shahad “..when I draw female characters, I refer them as my girls..”

Drawing has been a way to express herself and cope with school and college pressure, it has always been a happy gateway for her comfort, a mirror that reflects her feelings and emotions.

Shahadhave participated in “the Art of C” that wasorganized by City Center Seeb in 2016, an experience from which she was first introduced to acrylic paint and instantly fell in love with it, she also considered that opportunity as her first portal that introduced her art to a broader audience.

“It brings me great joy to see the people’s excitement the moment they see my art work and receive their commissioned pieces”

Shahadbelievs that anything can bring you inspiration,one has to think big when looking deeply at things around them.

For more.. You can visit her social media

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