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Wadi Tiwi is a wadi in Al Sharqiyah region, adjacent to the very popular Wadi Shab but unique in its way with numerous farms and plantations dotting the wadi, and a stunning pool deep inside towards Mibam village. Wadi Tiwi, which is named after Tiwi village at the coast, is a truly beautiful wadi with lush plantations giving it a different (certainly greener) feel than many other wadis.

A visit to Wadi Tiwi is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed. All you need to know what to bring and how to go is as mentioned below:

• You will need to have a 4WD car, and below are items for your checklist:

- Cap or hat to protect you from the sun as well as sunscreen.

- Food, snacks, and drinking water.

- Swimming clothes and towel.

- Sturdy footwear with good grips: something that can get wet and you may need to swim with.

- Camera and waterproof bag: although there is only one big pool towards the end where you must swim to go through, it’s always a good idea to put your camera & electronics in waterproof bags when you go inside a wadi.

How to get to Wadi Tiwi:

Wadi Tiwi is approximately 160 km from Muscat through the Sharqiyah highway towards Sur. You will need to take the exit towards Tiwi village, a couple of kilometers after passing the Wadi Shab exit and immediately after you pass the bridge across Wadi Tiwi (i.e. the second wadi-crossing-bridge as the first bridge goes through Wadi Shab). From there follow the road towards the village, and immediately after crossing the road at the mouth of the wadi near the beach, you’ll need to turn left and head straight inside Wadi Tiwi (same direction as a signpost on your right pointing to E35 Trekking Path, but the sign can be easily missed).

It is under 10 km driving distance inside Wadi Tiwi to Mibam village. The road is initially paved, although it can be deceptively dangerous as it can get very slippery with water and seaweed on it, so be very cautious. Half-way through you’ll be passing through the narrow streets of Harat Bidah village, be careful as you’ll need to drive through some very tight roads while also keeping an eye for incoming traffic on the other side. The paved section ends after this village and the route becomes a mountain path above the wadi to the parking spot where you can start your hike, or to Mibam Village, where you can park near the waste bins.

Photo credits:Bader Al Mamaari

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