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Hiking is also known as " mountain climbing " an activity that suits those who fully love nature, history, and heritage. It is an enjoyable sport that challenges not only the body but the mind as well. A unique experience where people explore new routes in between the mountains. Although it is an entertaining sport, it requires good physical fitness, as experts believe that hiking has the ability to burn more calories, due to irregular surfaces where people have to walk over with extra effort.

Due to the circumstances of Covid 19 and the spread of the virus, the popularity of this sport, in particular, has increased significantly, and many girls and young men have participated in hiking groups in the Omani mountains. An Omani young girl shared with us her hiking experience, as she mentioned that she had her experience for the first time in October in Sidab area. She went with a group of 4 girls, describing it as an amazing experience, that gives you the opportunity to see the stunning views. It increases the passion for adventure and discovery. She mentioned her desire to repeat the experiment in other places as well. 

Moreover, much Omani youth used to practice mountain climbing for years. One of the hiking groups includes cousins group that regularly go to exploration trips, including hiking. They are more interested in discovering new paths every time, which inspires them with a challenging spirit. They are still practicing this sport with plans to discover new routes every time they go for it, and in different places within the Omani mountains.

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Attifa Nasser

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