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Teaching to Bring Italy Closer

“A piece of bread, love and feeling home somewhere”. That’s what each of us seeks for according to a little wooden board I saw years ago at the entrance of a house in the middle of the breathtaking Tuscany countryside in Italy.

I teach Italian because I want to connect people dreaming about Italy and let them feel home there. That’s the main goal of my Instagram account, too (@enjoy.italian.muscat).

I moved to Oman 6 years ago. Its mixture of tradition and modernity, along with its varied landscape and its legendary empire story captured me. Can you imagine I discovered Oman on Google Maps? I was looking for a new Arabic speaking country to experience after traveling to Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan.

The quietness of Muscat shocked me at the beginning. I was 26 and I was expecting a crowded and noisy city with a no-stop nightlife. Day by day, throughout my job, I got in touch with Omanis and expats living in the country. Thanks to them, I finally understood the uniqueness of the place I was: different nationalities, cultures, languages, faiths were living like neighbors in Oman.

It’s challenging but possible. People in Oman, locals, and foreigners, live every day in an international community and work to make it real. For me, that is what Oman can proudly teach to the rest of the world and that is why I keep living here.

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