First Lighthouse in Oman

At the beginning of the 20th century, ship traffic has increased significantly in the Strait of Hurmuz which is considered one of the most important sea passages in the world. The Committee of Enquiry on Lighting and Buoying of the Gulf decided to establish a major lighthouse in the area in 1909 to prevent any maritime disasters and to provide guidance for all the vessels crossing the Strait of Hormuz. In this area, there are 3 islands that were put in thought to host the lighthouse.

Two of them are called by the locals Mumar and Didamar which means the mother and the daughter. Seafarers called these islands Great and Little Quoin after the quoin or wedge that was used to elevate ship-borne cannon. Didamar provided the best possible location for the lighthouse. The lighthouse started to operate in 1914. The kerosene lamps that lit the house gave two intense white flashes of light every 10 seconds. The light’s lantern rotation mechanism required 7 watchkeepers to rotate it every 6 hours.

In 1951, the operations of Didamar lighthouse was moved to the Gulf Lightening Service. Then in 2006 Arabian Maritime and Navigation Aids Services (AMNAS Oman) fully refurbished Didamar Island.

Source AMNAS Oman

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