Arab Solidarity in Crises

Recently, many countries in the world declared their solidarity with the sisterly Republic of Lebanon, due to the explosions that took place on the port of Beirut, causing massive destruction and killing many people besides the injured. Accordingly, Beirut was declared as an "Afflicted city" The Sultanate was among the countries that announced its solidarity with the brotherly Lebanese people earlier. As it issued an official statement, expressing its deep sadness at the unfortunate explosions that occurred in the port of Beirut on Tuesday evening. His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, sent a cable of condolences to His Excellency General Michel Aoun, President of the Lebanese Republic, for the victims of the explosion that occurred in Beirut port, and wished their families patience and the injured people with a speedy recovery. Today, the Sultanate calls for Arab solidarity with the Sudanese people, to overcome their ordeal due to torrents and floods that left enormous damage in their country. Besides the vast loss of life and property, the Sultanate offered its sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims. It had previously expressed its support to the peace agreement that was signed between the government of the Republic of Sudan and a number of the armed factions under the estimated sponsorship of the Government of Southern Sudan. Wishing that it will contribute to achieving peace, security, and stability in Sudan, and fulfils the aspirations and hopes of the Sudanese people. Moreover, the Omani associations have a positive role during these crises; regarding the crisis in Sudan, the Omani Authority for Charitable Activities announced that it would receive donations to help the victims in Sudan through the organization’s accounts.

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