Baba Deriaah - Terrifier of Seamen

Myths are part of any culture and civilization in the world. Many of these myths are based on true events that happened years and years ago. Our today’s myth is well known in the coastlines all over Oman and UAE. It is a story of one of the creatures that had been terrifying sailors and fishermen for hundreds of years.

Baba Deriaah was a jinn who is attacking small ships and boats at night. He is known for his huge body and green fishy skin. The name itself is from the Persian culture and it means Father of Sea. Baba Deriaah sneaks silently into the ships and will hunt a single sailor at a time until he digs the ship’s body and sinks it. People will speak proudly of their fathers who fought and escaped the deadly poison of Baba Deriaah. Some historians believe that this story was made up to frighten some fishermen to make them stay away from the sea at night so those who brought this up can fish freely. Others say it based on true events of some pirates who used to sail at night and attack small ships only. Sailors believed that this jinn attacks every human only once, if the human survived Baba Deriaah won’t attack him again ever.

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