Importance of Technology - Case Study: COVID-19

The outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) globally demonstrated the importance and the role of technology. The gatherings were stopped and people were motivated to stay at their homes in order to stop spreading the virus. This has been applied by working from home policy, distance education, and access to their government services finance online. In the entertainment part, they started using the latest free applications for entertainment and watching series, which indicates that technology is not only a luxury but also a major player in managing crises in many countries of the world. In the past weeks, we have witnessed initiatives and services. they were launched by many institutions to encourage citizens to stay at their homes, perform their work, and encourage students to pursue their lessons through educational sites. Most notably was a free increase in the capacities of Internet usage and providing free calls.

Today technology is an absolute necessity, and the Corona crisis has proven this matter, as technology has contributed to facilitating procedures for monitoring this crisis. Some countries have turned to information technology in order to track people under domestic quarantine, ensure that they are not infected, and implement the required instructions. Tracking procedures were used too, including documentation using technology to determine the location of patients and their medical condition, collecting data that helps explain the spread of the virus. Governments, in general, have also turned to telecommunications and mobile operators that already hold huge amounts of data users. Google, which has huge information users, mentioned that it was exploring ways to help governments to use that data to control the spread of the virus.

Some government agencies have used computer scientists to analyze digital systems, data, and human behaviors. It seems that the exploitation of data and modern technology has passed the stage of violating the privacy and the concern of tracking users. The most prominent factor here lies in controlling a rapidly spreading epidemic that can cause the death of many people. Despite the importance of technology at this stage, many experts warned of the post-Corona stage and indicated that this period will change many social human habits, and will increase the dependence of people on technology more in all aspects of life. Which calls on all institutions that still rely on papers old system to develop in line with the requirements of the next stage. Experts also stressed regarding the need to reconcile digital life with reality, take advantage of the quarantine period to spend time with the family, practice group activities that bring the family together.


Article By:

Attifa Nasser Al Maskari

Photo credits:
Haitham Al Farsi

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