The wilayats of the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah, such as Nizwa, Bahla, Manah, Al Hamra, and Izki, are known for having large areas (55 acres) for the cultivation of sugarcane. The Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah is one of the governorates which is famous for producing red sugar made of sugarcane.

Farmers begin by preparing the land for sugarcane cultivation. This stage takes place at the beginning of April every year. After a full year of planting the crop, and specifically in March each year, the farmer begins preparing for the juicing of the canes, by cutting the canes and cleaning them from the dry leaves and crusts, tying them in packs to transfer it to one of the mills in the wilaya.

The process of juicing the canes is done by new equipment. It was previously done by animals to manage these huge iron machines. Then generators were used, now using electric power. The sugar juice is then collected in a small enclosed basin equal to the capacity of the boiler, where sugar is refined.

Photo credits:  Sami AL

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