COVID-19 & Online Education

COVID-19 & Online Education

Lecturer of Economics

With regards to the topic of online education related to most higher education institutions in The Sultanate, It has long been recognized that both teachers and students, need to use modern tools in order to keep up with the skills that are needed in this age of high-tech world. Online education is becoming increasingly popular, some raise questions about its effectiveness when compared to the traditional face-to-face learning.

An online education is an important alternative for individuals who may not be able to make it to classes due to various reasons.

Today, the world and Oman as no acceptation, is facing a challenging situation dealing with The Corona-virus (COVID-19) outbreak. One of the critical methods applied to prevent individuals and the society from the virus is to apply what has been called social distancing.

People are encouraged to stay home and have an extremely limited contact with one another. Schools and other institutes have been asked to close for a period of time.

The online study proposal is presented here as an alternative learning method to the face-to-face traditional method during this period of social distancing and isolation.

These are some of the benefits this education method provides to teachers and students alike.

- Live and interactive: online, live and interactive lectures where teachers and student can communicate.

- Flexible schedule and environment: By studying online, students and lecturers can choose their own learning environment that works best for them.

- A big saving point: You don’t have to commute to class. Which saves you the risk of catching virus, saves you time and transportation cost.

- Sessions can be recorded and replayed at a later time which makes it convenient for students to watch or listen to the lectures at the time that suits them.

In addition to the tutorials, conferences, study networks and course forums can be provided online.

There may be a number of hurdles that need to be overcome. These constitute the risk of the online study proposal. Forming an online platform that would suite both the lecturers and the students in the fastest pace possible, making sure there is not much time wasted in course delivery. It would be a new experience for many of both lecturers and students working online, which would take some time until they are comfortable.

I end this with a note to the educational, and all the organizations that could operate online, these times show us the importance of having a reliable back up in the form of an online platform that we could smoothly transfer operations to in challenging times such as this.

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