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Maggie Jeans

Moved to Oman in 1990, Maggie Jeans is on the doorstep to complete 30 full years in Oman. She and her husband moved to Oman from Bristol in 1990. Maggie’s late husband, Bill Dampier Jeans, came to work for SQU to establish the Radiology Department while she worked as Education Officer in the college of medicine at the university.

Maggie worked with the College of Medicine students to set up a new clinical program. She has been in touch with some of them who became senior doctors across Oman. When she left SQU, she started an educational consultancy business.

For almost 30 years, Maggie has witnessed the remarkable development in different fields in Oman especially in education which has received the lion’s share in the expansion.

Maggie says the concept of tourism wasn’t found in Oman in the early 1990s because it was a closed country and it was difficult to visit it without an invitation but this has been massively changed.

To keep mind and soul young always, Maggie likes to meet young Omani people and discuss with them different topics and hear from them.

There are many factors that made Maggie stay in Oman all this long. The highest influence she got was from Oman’s kind, respectful and friendly people. Also, she felt in love with the beauty of the country and the places it has to offer for exploration, adventures, and relaxation.

Maggie Jeans has played a major role in promoting the Omani-Anglo relations and for the services she gave in this matter, she was awarded an OBE in HM the Queen’s 90 Birthday Honours List.

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