BMW GS Trophy

BMW GS Trophy is an international motorcycle competition, which is all about riding skills, endurance, team spirit and adventure. It is a bike event that connects and unites all BMW motorbike enthusiasts around the world.
To qualify, participants need to undergo challenges which will test their riding abilities and fitness. It is truly unique and once in a lifetime experience.
The event starts with national qualifiers where riders from each participating country are chosen. For the Regional Teams, the riders will first take part in national pre-qualifiers from each country they are representing, then the successful finalists will go to the regional qualifiers where 3 riders will be chosen to form a team, which will represent their region, in the BMW International GS Trophy 2020 in New Zealand.  

For the first time in the history of the GS Trophy, there will be a Middle Eastern Team. There is a rider who lives in Oman, Bruno Silva, who will be part of the team, although he will integrate and represent the Dubai Team as BMW has not yet opened a Motorrad Dealership in Oman. Once that happens, Oman should be able to officially create a team.

Bruno purchased his BMW GS 1200 R Adventure in 2017 in Dubai, and since then he has been participating in the yearly BMW Off-Road Training Courses organized by AGMC dealer in Dubai, having completed, Basic, Advanced and Level 3 Training sessions.

Bruno works as an Assistant Head of Sound and Broadcast Department at the Royal Opera House – Muscat. He has been living in Oman for over 9 years.
With around 15 years of experience riding motorbikes on the road, these trainings were a major contribution to enhancing his level of riding skills and providing him with the opportunity to be part of this competition, coming from the country he has fallen in love with. 

“Oman is a beautiful country and a perfect world destination for Adventure Bikers”

The Qualifier for the Middle East Team will be taking place on the 13th & 14th September in Lebanon and Bruno is going to compete on a regional basis against 30 other bikers from various Middle East Countries, hoping to qualify for the team of 3 finalists which will represent Middle East in BMW GS Trophy 2020 in New Zealand. 

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