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Grand Canyon of Arabia

From the path to the highest peak in Oman; Mountain of the Sun 3009 m, the spectacularly deep valley can be seen exposing its cliffs to the visitors and welcoming them to rocks that embrace engravings from the third millennium B.C and to unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms.

The Grand Canyon of Arabia, or what is called locally Wadi Ghul is one of the amazing attractions in Oman.

“Oman's Grand Canyon is one of the attractions which you should not miss,” says Vaclav Dekanovsky who described his experience as “great walkthrough into the chasm to the ancient village.”

Sutton Hill is another adventurer who visited Grand Canyon of Arabia with his wife. “My wife and I did the Balcony Walk here, picking up a guide from the nearby Jabel Shams resort. It is a pretty amazing mixture of inspirational views and vertiginous drop-offs.” To them, this was experiencing nature at its grandest.

From the Balcony Walk to the ancient village and high cliffs, this wonderful natural attraction overwhelms every visitor’s senses through its breathtaking beauty.

If you’re self-driving from Nizwa, take the Nizwa-Bahla road and follow the signs to Jebel Shams/Wadi Ghul. The journey up to Jebel Shams Resort, in the Dar as Sawda area, from where you can take some great pictures, takes just over one hour.

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