Khanjar of Oman

Omani men are known for their pride and hardness. They have taken the dagger (Khanjar) as their slogan. The Omani dagger is the best proof of the Omani men's ingenuity in their designs, and the inscriptions in addition to the Omani dagger means a lot to the Omani men. Traditional Omani clothes in most of them, the dagger is wrapped in the middle of the waist, where they take the symbol of strength, grace, masculinity, authenticity and magnanimity. The process of making and accomplishing the dagger is a long and arduous task where we find the creativity of the fingers that still adore that historical task, which carries a lot of fine details, especially as the whole work is done manually. It needs special specifications and distinguish between industries that vary from industry to industry and from person to person as Omanis once they see the shape of the dagger distinguish its industry from any region, as well as anyone who made it, moving from here to there according to strict laws and regulations until the masterpiece finally emerges between his fingers to be recognized anywhere around the world and convey to the world a heritage of the ancient people of the title of his life of originality and contemporary.

The Design of the Omani Khanjar

As much as love Omanis for the dagger comes to their ingenuity in design, and the design of the Omani dagger from one type to another is different, and the difference in silver, which is used for inscription dagger designs come, and one of the best handles stilettos are the handles that were manufacture of silver and more upper with a flat shape. Uses Omani dagger. Wearing Omani daggers in their festivals and rituals, for example, such as weddings, and spells next to that wear also occasions that the officials from the Government of the Sultanate's presence.

It is noteworthy that most of the Omani daggers are similar, and are characterized by a curved knife, and the degree of twisting sheath, and the Omani dagger is known from the rest of the daggers of the Arabian Peninsula sheaths as the Omani dagger has a curve from the right angle, and the Omani sheaths vary according to The material from which the sheaths are usually made of ordinary leather, and there are rare Omani sheaths made of gold only, and others made with a mixture of gold, and silver.

Types of Khanjar:

Saeedi Khanjar

Dagger in this name is attributed to Sayyid Said bin Sultan, who took over the reign of government in 1804 AD, and find three types of Saidi dagger Type I handle covered with silver inscriptions except the side edges, The chest is engraved with overlapping squares taken from the Omani Islamic decorations distinctive luster, and it has seven rings see three of them on the area of the sector and the other four on the area of obliteration and its sector covered with threads of either gold or silver or both types, and the second type of daggers Looks like the first type With the exception of the head of the handle, which is engraved with small silver rollers, and in the middle of the chest area we find a prominent silver ball, and its rings are connected by silver wire with the shape of the plexus, and its section is not carved, it is covered with one piece of silver, and the third type of dagger Busaidi The handle is like a dagger type I, and the chest is engraved with silver but straight lines, but the number of rings here only four rings, and the sector is completely covered with either gold or silver threads, and what distinguishes it from other black threads overlap with it, which increases its beauty .

Nizwani Khanjar

The Nizwani Khanjar is the name of the dagger of Nizwa Oman, Oman's most famous historical state. Also, it is well known about their big size type of khanjar.

Suri Khanjar

Named after the coastal state of Sur. it is known about their daggers (khanjar) is the smallest and lightest of all Omani daggers.

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