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Omanis are generally tending to preserve things related to their heritage. This can clearly be seen in their lifestyle in general and during special occasions too. Based on that, traditional food is still an essential part of the Omani menu to this day. Today, many popular cafés and restaurants were established with a wholly traditional style merged within modernity, in order to preserve the traditional food culture in Oman. Cafes are an important aspect of social and economic activity in the country.

Many of them still connect contemporary ideas and at the same time seek to highlight the popular heritage. Going back to history, people preferred to go to the cafe after the end of their workday. It was an essential place for traders and parents to exchange talk among themselves, conduct business transactions and host traders from other countries to enter deals. These cafés have been in existence for many years. The most popular old cafes were small shops or so-called arches. They were open from 7 am to 10 pm. The cafes included a small kitchen with a small stove for tea and coffee, and the café had a number of large wooden chairs, each seating three to four people, as well as other chairs outside the coffee shop to accommodate customers. However, today, some modern popular cafes have emerged in the same old style, in addition to modern touches that allow their visitors to enjoy this combination of originality and modernity.

A good example of that is Habbouh café. It is one of the Omani projects of a distinctive and different nature, offering its customers a menu that includes types of typical Omani breakfast prepared by mothers and grandmothers anciently, maybe still some Omani houses maintain this “ cooked with love” menu however unlike before. Habbouh cafe’s menu includes dishes like Omani bread in different flavors such as cream, honey, cheese, and Nutella. Coffee and tea are provided too with flavors such as saffron and ginger. Among the best-selling dishes that people accept are egg dish, tomato, Siouya plate, and red bean bowl. In fact, the popularity of traditional cafés reflects the interest of its visitors in the traditional food culture that still exists today.

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