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Bird Watching in Oman

Bird watching is one of the favorite tourist activities in the Sultanate. There is a huge amount of birds, approximately around 533 different species. Where do you see birds in Oman? A question answered by the famous bird expert Wayne Eriksson in his five books, "Common Birds in Oman", "Oman Bird List", "Bird Watching Guide in Oman", "Birds' Life in Oman" and Collecting birds on stamps. Although birds can be found in almost every part of the Sultanate, they are not distributed regularly. To see the most common birds you have to visit several different places at specific times throughout the year. Al Qurum Natural Park in Muscat is one of the best places to practice this hobby, watching birds like the Yellow Bulbs, the labyrinth of the East, and the Asian labyrinths.  

The coastal areas can also be inhabited by different birds like the heron, flamingos, gulls, and hooks. The ponds are good areas as well to see different kinds of seals and water birds. Flamingos, gulls, and hooks, can be seen in Al Sawadi in the Batinah Coast, in which the sunset falcon can be seen either. The planted lands of Sohar are preferred places of clans, gashna, ta'ara, and many other species, especially during the migration season. The intensity of birds in Musandam Governorate makes it a favored place to visit during the winter and autumn, and usually, there is a dandruff crowbar along the coast near Khasab at the same period.

 In Al Sharqia region, specifically the beaches near Ras Al Hadd, is rich with Nawras and Khattaf birds. These are favored places to monitor bird migration, luckily, the flock of hawk birds can be seen among other flamingos in the Khor Grama area. A visit to the northern part of Al Hajar mountains is interesting in terms of practicing the hobby too. The huge eagles may be seen there flying at the top. Although Masirah and Bir al-Hakaman places that are difficult to reach, these areas are full of Balachuan, Flamingo, Norse, and Hookah. Generally, Several species of birds pass through Oman, such as ducks and fowl. They are more visible in the autumn and spring days. Other types, however, appear to be fewer in the fall season than spring, due to the weather and lack of energy.

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