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Omani Honey Market

Omani Honey Market was opened yesterday afternoon in Muscat Grand Mall in its tenth circle.

It lasts for four days, and it offers a variety of the locally produced honey.

Omani Honey is known for its premium quality that is a result of the superb care taken by Omani Beekeepers through the process of producing this honey.

Beekeeping is an old craft in Oman, and it has been passed through from a generation to another.

Honey in Oman is called based on the source palm flowers bees feed on to produce it. The most known types are Sidr (ziziphus), Simr (accacia tortilis) and Zah’r (flowers).

One of the young Omani full-time beekeepers is Mohammed Al Jahwary who loves this craft and has started a small business of producing natural premium honey, and its derivatives. He believes in delivering the best quality of Omani Honey and thus, goes through a long process to produce his honey. 

“It starts with cleaning the cells from dust and impurities to prepare them for the producing season.”

Mohammed said. “Then bees are being watched to make sure they are well and ready to produce honey. “

Once the honey disks are covered by a wax cover (indicates it is fully ready) it is taken and hanged in special barrels called Farazat to separate the honey from the wax covers made by bees. These tools are used to make sure the wax disks are not ravaged. When the honey is separated, it is taken to other rustless deep barrels and is put there for no less than 24 hours and when we asked Mohammed about  

The reason, he said: “In this process bubbles, impurities and wax remains come to the surface and are removed to leave the natural pure premium honey. This process takes days often to make sure nothing is left but the pure honey”

When this pure honey is all that is left, another step is taken to make sure it has a premium quality, which is taking samples from barrels to the labs. Once the lab tests succeed, the honey is packed in bottles that are sealed by the Ministry of Agriculture, quality seal, and distributed to customers and sales points. 

Omani Beekeepers face many challenges in their work to provide this premium honey. According to Mohammed, one of the biggest challenges is accepting their prices by consumers. Many consumers believe Omani Honey prices are high. They, as Mohammed stated, are unaware of the process of bringing this honey to them and thus think the prices are unreasonable. 

Another challenge is finding sales channels locally, especially that sales are not in a good trend all the season. 

Omani Honey sales increases during winter as it is known for its medical benefits for the body during this season.

In his final statement, Mohammed wished to spread the knowledge about this craft so people can appreciate the quality that is produced to them through the long process of the honey - making. 

For more.. You can visit the market in  Muscat gradnmall

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