Multicultural Exposure

We all know the benefits of travelling around the world and discovering different cultures, getting to know people, exploring new food, and enjoying the scenery. It refreshes the soul and expands the horizon of our perception, it also gives us a better understanding of diversity, gets inspired in addition to having a deeper appreciation of beauty.

How does that affect a person with an artistic soul?

Sarah Milroy is a Scottish contemporary artist, based in Muscat, Oman for nearly 2 years, tells her story : 

“I work with mainly acrylics and watercolour on cards, using pen & pencil for finer detailing. I see the beauty in many things that may go unnoticed and mostly inspired by architecture, particularly historical & colonial buildings with decaying grandeur & intricate details. Here in Oman, Muttrah is a particular favourite of mine, as well as Oman's spectacular old villages out with Muscat. I am drawn immediately to patterns, detail and colour.”

Sarah grew up drawing regularly and was always encouraged by her very supportive and creative parents. “They say they could spot my talent from a very young age and ensured I was always equipped with a sketch pad and pencil!”

She studied Art & Design at the highest level in High School & won several prizes throughout. Between school and university, Sarah worked in New York State, USA as a summer camp Art teacher. She naturally then went on to study Art and Design at University level, firstly achieving a diploma at Cumbria Institute of the Arts in the North of England, where she discovered her passion for Textile Design and Illustration. She then went on to gain a Bachelor of Honours in Textile and Surface Design at Grays School of Art in Scotland with a 6-month exchange in Turku, Finland, which influenced my work tremendously. “ While at university, I was able to gain new skills in weaving, sculpture and printmaking. I quickly developed my own style where I used colour tones in a specific way with intricate line and layering. I have hosted my own exhibition and sold several private commercial commissions in the last few years.”

Sara added:

“I am not only passionate about drawing and painting, but also have a love of music! I play double bass, guitar and occasionally can be found singing. I have a love for the great outdoors and when I am home in my native Scotland, I can be found most weekends - up mountains and camping! I am also able to do this here in Oman, which is fantastic and slightly warmer!

Oman's scenery influenced her artwork in many ways: The architecture inspired me to focus on repeat, geometric patterns, etching and fine mark-making, that is enhanced by subtle colour tones and a most vibrant colour palette.

“ I have loved exploring the various museums around the city, learning more about where these patterns and symbols originate.”

“I continue to be inspired to create while living here in Oman. I love sharing my creative practice through social media, mainly Instagram. I like to offer something a little less traditional but still capturing the raw beauty of this country. There is a good Artist community here in Muscat which is really exciting and growing each year. It is great to be in communication and discussion with other artists from around the world!”

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