Motivation and Mandala Art

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with everyday life that we take the simplest details for granted.

These little details can carry unimaginable amounts of beauty that can help us relief stress and build our spiritual and psychological growth. It can be through meditation, listening to music or playing with a musical instrument, it can also be achieved through visual expression such as Mandala art. Growth can mostly be achieved through motivation.

Imagine the spectacular results of trying Mandala art with motivational spirit of an artist.

Mandala Art is a form of complex abstract designs usually in circular forms. The word Mandala is a Sanskrit word, which means, “Circle.” Firdaus Shafi is a Omani mandala self-taught artist who is inspired by creating different artworks and designs of mandala art. “I am holding bachelor degree in business and management studies from University of Bradford, which is completely different from my hobby.” It has been Firduas’s passion to create various designs and new method to translate the beauty of this magic art. For instance, “my recent artworks represent a unique combination between modern calligraphy and mandalas. In fact, I have been known for this art through conducting mandala art related workshops and courses for art lovers, participating in art events like art exhibitions or forums which has increased my confidence in order to market my name as a mandala artist.”

At first, Firduas was inspired by foreign Mandala artists, her inspiration grew from the exposure to Islamic art along with the ancient Indian culture art, that is beautifully balanced and rich in details complex shapes and colors.

“I started to see most of the famous Omani artists conducting art workshops related to their field, which attempts to increase awareness of the importance of art in our society that motivated towards giving Mandala courses in order to introduce people to learn more about this creative art style.”

Firdaus did not wait for support; she pushed herself to the limit and kept herself motivated throughout the years, by constantly joining art courses and participating in exhibitions in addition to giving back what she learned to the emerging artists through courses and art sessions.

In 2016, she completed a ‘Basics of Drawing with Pencil’ course at Darb Al Najah Center, Muscat. Then, in the beginning of 2017, she joined a Mini Art Exhibition in the ‘Open Day 2017’ at College of Banking & Financial Studies (CBFS), Muscat. Then, showcased her mandala artworks in the Art Corner in the “Women forum & Psychological shifts in the media” at Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre. Furthermore, one of the most outstanding artistic accomplishments was awarded with the Honorary Prize and for positive contribution in the 21st Youth Annual Exhibition for Fine Arts 2017, at the Omani Society for Fine Arts.

In 2018, Firdaus participated in ‘’Inspired by Oman’’art exhibition in cooperation with Omani Society for Fine Arts. At the same year, she organized a Joint Art Exhibition as a CBFS Fine Art Community member in the ‘’Open Day 2018’’. The young artist directed a Workshop of Mandala Art for students of tenth grade at Atika Bin Zaid School, this was another outstanding experience that added much to her. One of her many participations is “Oman History and Civilization”, at Scientific College of Design in Muscat. Participated in the 22nd Youth Annual Exhibition for Fine Arts 2018, at the Omani Society for Fine Art. Adding to that she was accepted as exhibitor at Behance Portfolio Reviews 2018, at AL Zahra College in Muscat. She also participated in ‘Women from Al Buraimi 9th’ Art Exhibition, at the Omani Society for Fine Arts in Al Buraimi Governorate.

Recently in 2019, driven by her fierce motivation Firdaus conducted an outdoor Art Workshop (Mandala dot painting) at Al Sahwah Park, in Muscat with 4Art Team. The active artist didn’t stop there, her journey of self development continued by participating in a small art corner conducted by Sahem Voluntary Group.

“I was honored to represent the Sultanate of Oman for the first time through my participation in Basamat Arab Artists Forum in Egypt, with a contribution of a huge number of artists from different Arab countries. “

“What I want the world to know about me is that I am an ambitious, passionate and motivated artist who inspires others by her creative detailed artworks that calls for meditation and psychological serenity.”

Firdaus is an artist who wants to show the magic beauty of mandalas and hopes to become one of the pioneers of this art locally and internationally.

Beauty and happiness can lay in the hidden details of our lives. “When any of the audience has a look on one of my paintings will immediately realize and notice that. What makes me unique is that I care a lot about details in my artworks with adding different materials rather than only using colors or inks, in order to create my own artistic identity. In fact, I am always advising emerging artists to create different approaches and their own technical school. Actually, the world seems brighter when an artist creates something that was not there before.”



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