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Al Kasfa Hot Spring

What makes the Sultanate unique is it’s geographical diversity. If you are looking for a good dip in the waters there are number of options aside from the long coastline that stretches for 3165 km.

There are number of hot springs in several areas, that varies in temperature, mineral components and therapeutical benefits. According to Omantourism Most of these hot springs are from mountainous areas.   

 170km away from Muscat lies a geological site located in Rustaq, South of al Batinah region, a hot spring known as Ain Al Kasfa. Throughout the centuries this hot spring gained a huge reputation for its beneficial properties. Nowadays this site is well known for its tourist attraction throughout the year, Al Kasfa hot spring is also known for its naturally hot water the temperature reaches up to 45 degrees.

Therefore, it is well known for its therapeutic purposes for Rheumatism and skin diseases due to its high levels of sulfur content. Lab results showed the pH levels of the water from the hot spring is 7.62, Calcium 75.61, sodium 100.40, Magnesium 25.73, which can be used for human consumption, agriculture and irrigation purposes. The site is equipped with special bathing rooms with a falaj (a traditional water system) running from the hot spring. 

Though before heading towards the spring there are few things to put in mind : 

• Bathing is prohibited from 9 p.m until Fajer prayer (before the dawn) 

• Using detergents while bathing in the water spring.

• Washing cars are also prohibited in the site.  






Photo credits Jalal Al Dhouyani

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